Top 10 Best Fish Tacos in Maui

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1. Ono Tacos

Ono Tacos in Lahaina is known for their delicious fish tacos made with only the freshest ingredients. Their homemade salsa is a treat in itself. On top of that, it’s so easy to get our hands on these fresh-made treats from their food truck. A convenience making it easy for diners to enjoy without even having to leave their car (really this is a bonus!) However, be sure you go prepared with cash as they do not accept card payments whatsoever.


2. The Fish Market Maui

The Fish Market’s fish tacos coming with a homemade pico de gallo are mouth-wateringly delicious, and one of the many reasons why Maui locals keep coming back for more. With every bite, you’ll be hit with an explosion of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Make sure to try the tempura baja tacos – they’re amazing. If you want something different, go for the fajita tacos instead. You really can’t go wrong with either choice though.

Price point is always important, and this restaurant offers cheap sides that won’t disappoint – think rice and beans, guacamole, salsa. Stopping by here during your time on Maui is a no brainer!


3. Paia Fish Market

If you’re ever on the lookout for a delicious, Maui-style meal, be sure to check out this local favorite. With its fresh seafood options and island-inspired dishes, it’s no wonder that this restaurant is so popular among locals and tourists alike. Plus, with three locations across the island, it’s easy to get your fix!

Their fish tacos are so delicious that it’s like having a party in your mouth! The tacos are made with fresh ingredients, including crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, smooth salsa and rich cheese all wrapped up in a warm corn tortilla. If you’re feeling brave enough to handle some spice, we suggest trying our Cajun rice as an accompaniment. 

Just be warned – get there early if you want a table because the line can sometimes stretch round the block!

4. Frida’s Beach House

Craving fish tacos but don’t know where to get the best ones on Maui? Then head over to Frida’s Beach House, a top Mexican restaurant among locals and tourists alike. 

With two different types of fish to choose from – local Hawaiian or Baja – and freshly made ingredients, these tacos are sure to please your taste buds.

And what could be better than enjoying them on their sun-drenched patio? Seeing as everything on the menu is delicious, there’s no need to worry about making a tough decision here.


5. Coconut’s Fish Cafe

Looking for a delicious and unique taco experience? Look no further than Coconut’s Fish Cafe. 

A more delicious way to enjoy tacos has finally been served! Made with 17 fresh ingredients, these tantalizingly flavorful tacos will have you hooked after just one bite. 

Maui locals love their seafood, so you know it’s going to be good! When you are in Kihei, make sure to check out Coconut’s Fish Cafe for an unforgettable meal (they have two locations so just choose the most convenient for you!)


6. South Maui Fish Co.

If you want seafood that tastes like it was just pulled out of the ocean, then head over to South Maui Fish Co. This food truck has been a favorite among locals for years and only serves the best seafood dishes. 

Their tacos are grilled to perfection in corn tortillas and topped with a zesty aioli and coconut pineapple slaw – an irresistible combination of flavors that will have your taste buds singing!


7. Down The Hatch

Down the Hatch is famous for its filling food, and for good reason. The dishes are made with fresh fish from local catches, grilled or fried to perfection. But no matter how you get them they’ll be packed full of flavor. What makes these tacos different is the Lava Lava sauce; it’s a zesty spice blend that gives the meal a little extra something.

Surfer patrons here come back often because of the live music and creative drinks, but really it’s Down the Hatch ambiance that keeps them hooked and going back again.


8. Island Taco

Are you looking for a challenge? Then take on the Road to Hana. This scenic drive is full of twists and turns, but along the way you’ll find Island Taco – home of the best fish tacos around. This small stand’s location makes it hassle-free to stop by, and it’ll be worth your while. 

The portions are significantly large, with fresh fish as the main star topped with all of the classic fixings like veggies and sauces. In a hurry? Don’t worry their service is quick. But if you want to rest before going back to travel, you can choose picnic tables to fully indulge in your meal.

9. Leilani’s on the Beach

You’ll know exactly why fish tacos are Maui’s latest foodie craze as soon as you take your first bite at this amazing beachfront restaurant in Whalers Village. 

With fresh, delicious tacos and outdoor seating that lets you fully enjoy the experience, it’s no wonder this place is always packed! And be sure to swing by on Taco Tuesday for even more fun.

10. Horhitos

Horhitos’ fish tacos are to die for, and only five dollars! You really can’t beat that price anywhere else in Maui. The quality of the food is amazing, especially considering how affordable it is. 

The freshness of the fish pairs perfectly with the cheese and pico de gallo- you could eat these all day long. The only complaint is that Horhitos gets pretty busy during peak hours, so there sometimes is a wait for your order. But trust us, these tacos are worth it!





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