Top 10 Best Restaurants in Maui

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Whether you’re vacationing in Maui or planning an extended trip, knowing the best stops to grab a bite to eat is essential. From high-class dining to eating with the locals and snagging those picture-perfect views while you sip on your new favorite drinks, we’ve done the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the best restaurants in Maui so you don’t have to.

1. Mama’s Fish House

Acting as a local landmark in Paia, Hawaii, Mama’s Fish House is more than your average eatery. The establishment blends fresh seafood showcasing flavors of the Pacific Ocean with the Pacific islands and is often so busy you have to book reservations 3-6 months in advance. As you dine over ocean views, you’ll experience cuisine like never before. The menu might appear small at first glance, but the savory flavors and nurturing history of the fish house will leave you with a larger-than-life experience.

2. Joey’s Kitchen

Go for the Hawaiian combined Filipino cuisine and stay for the atmosphere here at Joey’s. The kitchen aims to provide you with tasty dishes and comfy seating so that you can eat like the locals eat when you’re on island time. Originating from a small dream, the idea behind the restaurant was to use Hawaii’s classification of being a melting pot for diversity and culture. That led to bringing you Japanese, Portuguese, Filipino, and Chinese-influenced meals like no other restaurant on the island.

3. Morimoto Maui

Dining doesn’t get more luxurious than Morimoto’s, and that shows in every stage of the stylish experience. Treat yourself to authentic Japanese cuisine as you feast on recipes from none other than Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto himself. The beach house-themed eatery brings you a dining experience like no other, seating you oceanfront with a glowing ambiance. Japanese lanterns perfectly paint the place and fresh sushi will have you raving with each bite.

4. Huihui

Meet where the intergalactic connects with land at Huihui. This beachfront star features exquisite cuisine, live music, and real-time hula dancers. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more, you can enjoy live entertainment from local favorites while sipping on cocktails and embracing some of Hawaii’s finest dining. The establishment is connected to a hotel and we highly recommend the leaf-wrapped pork for a delicious treat.

5. Star Noodle

Scenic views mixed with some of the best noodles on the island will have you feeling like you’re dining in paradise, and you are! At Star Noodle, you’re able to sit back and relax as you indulge in an airy setting over mouthwatering dishes on the oversized patio. The best part? Portions are large and shareable.

6. Paia Fish Market

First opening in 1989, Paia was known as a fisher’s town that doubled as a home to surfers. Now, operating as a prominent fish market across the islands, you can grab some of the freshest bites to enjoy at the market’s on-site restaurant or take home the best of Hawaii’s seafood to prepare and serve in your own kitchen. With three locations, Paia is more than a local favorite.

7. Ulupalakua Ranch Store & Grill

As great as splurging on seafood when you’re catching a calm vibe by the water can be, sometimes a juicy burger is just as important. Head on over to Ulupalakua and get your grub on. This classic grill doubles as a small market and winery where you can have a few drinks and shop to your heart’s content. One of the unique things about the place is that if you’re lucky you might just spot the livestock moving around if you’re lucky.

8. Maui Fresh Streatery

This recommendation is a little different in the sense that it’s never in one place for long. Maui Fresh Streatery is a moving food truck with unforgettable grub. The only way to know where they’ll be from one day to the next is by checking for updates on their social media. With an always-changing menu, you’re in for a surprise each time you order.

9. Leilani’s on the Beach

If there’s one thing that makes Leilani’s special other than being another incredible restaurant with stunning ocean views, it’s dining upstairs at the restaurant. Downstairs you’ll find cocktails and delicious treats, but upstairs you’ll experience a more formal setting that embodies the idea of wining and dining the night away with unforgettable memories.

10. Humu at Grand Wailea

As fun as it is to blend with the locals, you might not always understand the slang or know how to properly pronounce the name of places. Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa, better known as Humu’s, is your high-end beach and bar nestled into a 5-star resort. The eatery serves up a variety of meat and seafood, but the drinks are what win so many people over. For a taste of local life, order a Bikini Blond or a Big Swell IPA.

Planning a trip to Maui or know of a loved one that needs recommendations for any of Hawaii’s finest locations? At Hawaii Gurus, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to restaurants, adventures, and exploring like a local, we’ve got the insider knowledge you deserve when it comes to making unforgettable memories.

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