Top 9 Best Luaus In Big Island

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1. Voyagers of the Pacific Luau

The Voyagers of the Pacific Luau is a regular occurrence on Big Island and definitely something you don’t want to miss out on if you’re interested in Hawaiian culture. Are you free one evening? Then come visit them at the Royal Kona Resort! As soon as you arrive, they’ll hang a shell lei around your neck and welcome you warmly. Feel free to participate in their lei making workshop also. The enticing smell of roasted pig will eventually guide your attention towards the Imu ceremony where somebody is cooking it underground. After that, watch carefully as fire dancers light up the stage with their moves!

Transport yourself to the Pacific with an immersive dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and dazzle your senses. The all-you-can-eat buffet offers a wide variety of traditional Hawaiian foods, and the Mai Tais are sure to please. End your evening with a bang by watching the Samoan fire knife finale – it’s an unforgettable show! VIP seating is available for those who want stage views. Past attendees that you can have the real treat on this luau as you can try traditional Hawaiian cuisine and learn Hawaiian cultures through entertaining dances.


2. Hawaii Loa Luau

For an unforgettable luau experience on Big Island, be sure to check out Hawaii Loa Luau at Fairmont Orchid’s Plantation Estate. Even though it is set back from the water, this hidden gem captures the essence of Hawaiian tradition and history. Surrounded by land that was once home to ancient Hawaiian kings and chiefs, you will enjoy 3 hours of fun for both children and adults. From traditional games with live performers to fantastic music and dancing under the stars, this is an evening you won’t want to miss!

You’ll never be bored at this luau! In addition to the amazing performances, their knowledgeable and eager MC will keep you entertained with tidbits about the history and culture of the art form. Plus, they have an exciting finale where fire is involved! And don’t worry about your voice giving out from all the cheering–they offer unlimited food and drinks so that you can stay hydrated and energized throughout the entire show.


3. Ho’omau-A Mai Grille Luau

This one of a kind Ho’omau- A Mai Grille Luau is hosted by the award-winning Mai Grille restaurant and takes place on Waikoloa Beach Golf Course. You’ll learn some hula steps along the way, and there will also be daring displays for your enjoyment. The meal is prepared by an award-winning restaurant, so you can expect it to be of high quality. This luau is perfect for small groups who want an intimate experience under the stars!

Join the performers on an exciting adventure with Pele, the fire goddess, as she goes through Polynesia to find a new place to call home. Maori people and Samoa warriors will come across her way until Kamapua’a, the demigod finally shows up. You’ll feel like you went to Hawaii by listening to her story till the very end.


4. Waikoloa Beach Sunset Luau

Every Monday and Wednesday, the Lu’au Grounds at Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort becomes a hotspot for their Sunset Luau. If you opt in for Premier seats which is highly recommended, you’ll be seated right up front near the stage. And don’t worry about bringing your young kids–they’re welcome to come along free of charge! Most importantly, Hawaii’s songs and dances recount how its people came together through Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa and other Polynesian islands. To top off the evening proceedings, a world champion fire dancer takes center stage to perform jaw-dropping feats with fire that are sure to leave you impressed.

The menu is locally-sourced and inspired. At this luau, you can enjoy Waipi’o Valley poi, Pulehu steak, Keahole shrimp as well as chicken grilled with Hamakua mushrooms farm-to-table style. The open bar has something for everyone with cocktails for grown-ups and mocktails for the kiddos.


5. Feast & Fire Luau

Outrigger’s Feast & Fire Luau will take you to a 22-acre estate along Keauhou Bay. The real fun begins when you’re exposed to Hawaiian culture through arts and storytelling. Dinner is served after the lighting of torches, and you’ll even be blessed by royalty!

The Lim Family, renowned for their hula dancing accompanied by conch shells and Polynesian drums, are of Kohala royalty; a lineage with many musicians.

The luau feast is just as magnificent as the performance—kalua pork, taro rolls, Kona coffee treats and coconut pudding included. And to wash it all down? A selection of Mai Tais, beer and wine from the full bar. Really you can’t have a memorable Big Island luau without an amazing setting and an authentic show, so come at this Feast & Fire Luau. 


6. The Mauna Kea Luau

Mauna Kea Luau is an excellent pick if you’re looking for a more intimate setting. It’s been sharing Hawaii’s history and mythology with locals and tourists for over 60 years now, all while providing amazing views of the ocean. What sets it apart is its location in a small area which makes it feel like home away from home but still have a sense of belonging to a community.

As you enter, be sure to grab a Mai Tai before heading to your table piled high with island seafood, lomi salmon, kalua pig, and tropical fruits. Take some time to exchange warm welcomes with the charismatic MC and ogle the stunning costumes worn by the performers! As the show moves from complicated dance routines to focus more on customs and history, there will be a lot of explanations of different traditions. To help viewers understand some of these practices better, they will have a section dedicated to royal court etiquette.


7. Legends of Hawaii Luau

Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday you can enjoy the Legends of Hawaii Luau at Kamehameha Court. Under the tall, grand palms sway in the breeze as the starry blanket of sky grows darker, this luau is one of the most well-known on the Big Island. Hear legendary tales told through ancestor chants and hula dance while enjoying a delicious feast. In Hawaii, the Olelo language classes and hula sessions are fun ways to get involved with the local community. The throbbing drums and fire add to the excitement. An opening benediction is followed by the torch running up the rhythm. 

You’ll enjoy Polynesian specialties like kalua pig, roast chicken topped with green peppercorn sauce, fresh seafood, and island-style sweets to feel like royalty like King Kamehameha. Come for the culture, stay for the handcrafted mementos. Watch their Coconut Husking demonstration to get a taste of Hawaii before the night’s festivities begin. Support local artisans by purchasing unique items made by local craftsmen.


8. Island Breeze Luau

Don’t miss your chance to experience a taste of true Hawaiian culture while having a blast at Island Breeze Luau ! Voted “Best of West Hawaii” for 20 years, the Big Island luau at Island Breeze Luau is an event not to be missed. Located on the shores of Kamakahonu Bay and Ahu’ena – where Kamehameha the Great once resided – this luau offers breathtaking ocean views and a connection to Hawaiian royalty. 

The Royal Court makes its entrance amidst traditional songs and dances, setting the stage for an evening of hula performances, mo’olelo storytelling after being greeted by the Court Conch Herald and Court Chanter. After the cultural teachings are over, you can steadily get into the groove and enjoy the long-awaited fire dances.

Not to mention, the 22-course Hawaiian buffet meal! You’ll be able to enjoy the freshest fish of the day, chicken with a delicious garnish, fruit, and vegetables. Plus, there’s an open bar for your fun and convenience!

9. Pilikana Luau

The Pilikana Luau at the Kona Inn is more than just a performance–it’s an experience for the whole family.While hotel-run shows may be more glamorous,  this local productions offer originality and creativity.With interactive pre-show activities, it’s no wonder that families with children love this luau. To make the most of your time here, arrive an hour before showtime.

If you want to feel like a real Hawaiian, there are plenty of traditional activities you can participate in, such as getting a temporary tattoo, playing the Polynesian drums, taking hula classes, or watching fire knife demonstrations. And don’t worry – you won’t have to sit through any boring stories unless the conch shell blows. Each dance provides a brief look into Hawaiian history and ancestors who made the long journey from Pele to Polynesia’s first settlers. Plus, if you get hungry during the event, no worries – Umekes Fish Market Bar & Grill will be catering the supper buffet and surely satisfy your seafood cravings.




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