Top 10 Best Pancakes in Oahu

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1. Koko Head Cafe

If you’re looking for an amazing breakfast on Oahu, Koko Head Cafe is the place to go. Founded by celebrity chef Lee Anne Wong, Koko serves up delicious fluffy pancakes that will have you coming back again and again. The savory applewood smoked bacon or sweet and tangy tropical fruit compote makes these Hawaiian-style pancakes even more special. But be sure to get there early – the line can get pretty long!


2. Aloha Kitchen

We suggest Aloha Kitchen the next time you’re in Waikiki and craving something sweet.  This tiny breakfast spot is known far and wide for their incredible soufflé pancakes. The perfect blend of fluffy and sweet and can be topped with any number of delicious fruits, including coconut, apples, bananas, berries, and more- will definitely leave you wanting more. Don’t take our word for it and try a bite of these pancakes and you’ll see exactly what all the fuss is about!


3. YogurStory

If you thought regular pancakes were good, wait until you try the ube pancakes at YogurStory. They’re so delicious, you’ll never go back to plain pancakes again! Located at Oahu, this two-floored bistro is perfect to visit when you’re looking for a hearty meal to jumpstart your day. And their ube pancakes? They’ll definitely hit the spot — they’re soft and fluffy with just the right amount of sweetness. So if you love pampering yourself for delicious food, these are most certainly the pancakes for you!

4. Sweet E’s

Decades of scrumptiousness–that’s what you can expect at Sweet E’s on Kapahulu Avenue in Honolulu. This long-standing breakfast spot is well-known for its outstanding fluffy pancakes and other delicious breakfast delicacies. 

A delicious pancake topped with a side of fresh fruit and a cup of coffee? Definitely  a right way to start your day. And their Extreme Mess breakfast platter is definitely something to write home about. It comes complete with crispy bacon, eggs, sausage, ham, scallions and cheddar cheese…yum! So the next time you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, make sure to add Sweet E’s to your list of stops. Aloha!


5. Cinnamon’s Restaurant

Head to Cinnamon’s the next time you’re craving pancakes. You won’t be disappointed by their selection, which includes a variety of unique flavors like Red Velvet, Guava Chiffon, and Cinnamon Apple. And if you’re looking for something classic, their traditional buttermilk pancakes are delicious too. Trust us – this is one stop you don’t want to miss whether you live on Oahu or are just visiting!


6. Liliha Bakery

The next time you find yourself drooling over pictures of pancakes on social media, remember that Liliha Bakery exists – and not just in your dreams. They’ve got massive portions at reasonable prices at four different locations across Oahu, so no matter where you are, help is always nearby. They’ve also been around for years and according to the experts when it comes to pancakes, Liliha’s pancakes are the most outstanding – a clear indication that their pancakes are really great. So come to this stop for a comfortable and relaxed morning.


7. Koa Pancake House

Come to Koa Pancake House for a fantastic breakfast or brunch experience. This is one of the most popular places on the island, known for their classic, fresh and delicious pancakes. With many locations all around, you’re bound to find one close by. So come indulge in some late breakfast goodness today at this local favorite!


8. Mokes Bread & Breakfast

At Mokes Bread & Breakfast, you’ll have an exciting and unforgettable breakfast experience. A must-try is the Liliko’i Pancakes, made with passion fruit, are light and fluffy while also being the perfect balance of sweet and tart. They mastered these pancakes already.  You’ll still be able to taste the incredible flavor long after you’ve left the restaurant.


9. Hula Grill Waikiki

Located at the Outrigger Resort, Hula Grill is known far and wide for its excellent food. And who doesn’t love pancakes? If you’re in need of a new pancake flavor to try than your regular pancake, head on over to Hula Grill for their delicious banana and macadamia nut pancakes. These sweet indulgent treats are topped with whipped mascarpone and sure to please your taste buds. 

Surely there’s no better way to wake up than enjoying a stack of yummy pancakes while sitting on the patio overlooking the ocean. Plus, you might even get lucky enough to see dolphins swimming off in the distance (what a great bonus!) So don’t waste time and fix your pancake cravings now.


10. Eggs n Things

At Eggs n Things, you can have pancakes exactly the way you want them. With many flavors and toppings available, you can make your pancakes just right. Not only that, but their menu offers fantastic choices for other meals as well – like eggs benedict or loco moco. However, it is those pancakes that are the top recommended. So treat yourself and boost your mood by eating their delicious pancakes today!


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