Top 10 Best Sunset Spots in Maui

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1. Lahaina Pali Trail

Sunset on Maui? There is one of the best spots to watch it – Lahaina Pali Trail. Prepare with sunscreen and water, of course, then head on out—you won’t regret it. The trail has two access points, both from Honoapiilani Highway (30). Most people begin at the eastern entrance point which is about 2.5 miles south of Wailuku Town.

Be aware that the entirety of the 5-10 mile hike consists mostly of rocks; additionally, uphill portions are challenging but so worth it in the end when you reach one of THE best sunset spots. So, even though the journey to get here may be tough, you’ll quickly recover from your tiring muscles and lost breath once you see the breathtaking view and stunning ocean view when you across Kealaloloa Ridge. 

From this point, you can see spanning panoramas of Central valley–guaranteed to include sweeping views of Kaho’olawe and Lana’i. And as if that weren’t enough, while waiting for the sunset over the North Pacific Ocean, you might catch wind turbines or seasonal whale sightings in action.


2. Haleakalā Volcano

Haleakala Volcano is also best seen when the sun sets and stars are coming out to play. Without the crowds, you can truly appreciate the beauty of nature. And because the Haleakala Maui Sunset Tour arranges everything from pickup to drop-off, it’s easy to experience paradise without any hassle.

Your next stop is the Haleakala Park Visitor Center, but before that, you’ll make a quick pit-stop at Kula Lodge Marketplace for some souvenirs and local snacks. At 7,000 feet above sea level, it is important to take a moment to adjust to the altitude before continuing onward.

The winding path towards the summit is breathtaking – 9,740 feet (just below 3000 meters) in the sky. From the colorful crater to the lunar cinder cones and orange horizon, the views at this location are incomparable. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also see Big Island peaks on the horizon.Be sure to breathe deeply and enjoy this amazing experience!


3. Hanakao’o Beach Park

Hanakao’o Beach Park, located next to the highway, is a beautiful spot for watching the sunset. The long and narrow beach is popular with families and couples who come here after exploring Kaanapali Beach and Lahaina Town. 

This 4.8-acre park has plenty to do during the day, including a canoe clubhouse, lifeguard station, and bathroom facilities. The picnic area with BBQ grills creates the perfect environment for a sunset experience. You can relax in the cool shade of the trees while enjoying some snacks, watching as the sun sets over the horizon. The added privacy creates a touch of romance! So come for swimming during daylight hours, but stay for sunset at this wonderful park.


4. Ho’okipa Beach Park

There are many great reasons to visit Ho’okipa Beach Park for a Maui sunset. The dramatic scenery, hardened lava with its white sand and aquamarine waves, is even more breathtaking during sunset. You get to see the purple and orange blending into the clouds – making it an unforgettable experience. The state park also offers plenty of space for picnicking or surf watching, as well as free parking. At sunset, these turtles come ambling over to where they’ll sleep for the night. While it’s a great opportunity to see them up close, remember to give them their space and not touch them. So, don’t forget to bring binoculars so you can catch a glimpse of the sea turtles at dusk!


5. Makena Cove Secret Beach

If you’re looking for breathtaking beach views without the big crowds, then drive just past the Big Beach parking lot to Makena Cove Secret Beach or Wedding Beach. The crescent-shaped coast against a backdrop of tropical plantation is stunning and perfect for an intimate sunset viewing or quiet wedding photos.  You’ll know immediately why they also named this as “Wedding Beach” as you can have the best wedding venue here in Hawaii’s hidden gem. To get an even better view, sit atop one of the rocky outcrops that lead into the water.


6. Ka’anapali Beach

SET THE SCENE! Maui’s Ka’anapali Beach is famous for its dramatic sunsets. Stretching for miles, this beautiful beach offers something for everyone – from high-end shopping and dining to seven resorts and endless water sports opportunities.

Many visitors flock to Ka’anapali Beach in the daytime to take advantage of the snorkeling and surfing. However, as energy levels start to wind down, the real magic of this place comes out – turtles come ashore and private yacht charters set sail into the brilliant sunset.

If you’re looking to avoid the crowded restaurants, opt for a sunset cruise straight from Ka’anapali Beach. These cruises often come with seasonal whale watching and handcrafted cocktails – perfect way to end your day in paradise! But if you choose to just stay on the beach, it’s still breathtaking as the sunset can be viewed at any place.


7. Kapalua Bay

Thanks to its serene blue water, ample sea turtles and eels, and gorgeous sunsets, Kapalua Bay is a favorite among snorkelers and sunset watchers. The beach’s golden sand and easy access to the water make  your vacation more enjoyable. This calm and protected cove also is one of Hawaii’s best beaches. And because it’s backed by residential houses, it feels more private than most – although crowds can still be challenging at times. Visitors can lounge on the sand or take in the view from atop the grassy incline at one end of the bay.

The Kapalua Coastal Trail is the perfect way to end your day, with stunning views of Moloka’i that will take your breath away. The beach provides the perfect opportunity for a romantic outing for couples. And if you’re looking for an amazing Maui dining experience with a view, look no further than Merriman’s Kapalua – farm-to-table cuisine served up against floor-to-ceiling windows and cushy sunset viewing tables make it unforgettable.


8. Keawakapu Beach

Although you might not be able to live in the luxurious houses located on Keawakapu Beach, anyone can enjoy this breathtaking half-mile stretch of sand situated between Kihei and Wailea.

One of Maui’s best kept secrets, this beach provides stunning views due to its broad open expanse– no matter where you choose to sit, the horizon is always visible.

There’s also a grassy area shaded by palm trees if you need respite from the sun.

This location is not only excellent for relax sitting but also for watching sunsets. As the sky slowly transitions into an array of colors, the gentle waves crashing provide a calm and relaxing ambiance. In Maui, this is one of the best sunset locations you can go to.


9. Kama’ole Beach Park III

Kama’ole Beach Park III is the best sunset destination in Maui because of both the scenery and its convenience.

The small park is perfect for families with kids and has many amenities, including a large parking lot, showers, play park, and lifeguards on duty. Some people avoid Kihei snorkeling due to strong waves caused by notorious winds , but this does not affect visitors in the evening .

As the day-trippers leave, those staying in condos across Kihei Road come out to watch the sunset. You can get food from one of the nearby food trucks then find a spot for an evening picnic with a beautiful view.


10. Wailea Beach

With its gentle waves and sandy shores fringed by palm trees, Wailea Beach is one of Maui’s most popular beaches.This beach lies on the island’s southwest coast which is perfect to catch the afternoon sun. Because it is attached to a paved walkway lined with hotels and restaurants, food and drink are always within easy reach. If you’re staying in Wailea, the beach is only a few minutes’ walk away from your hotel room or vacation rental condo. 

You can just bring your beach towel for seating but there’s also chairs and umbrellas that can be rented at the beach. The sunset colors here are so beautiful that they reflect off the surface of the calm water, doubling the beauty. You can see a striking combination of orange to purple and pink in the sky. If you’re lucky, you might even spot turtles, dolphins and whales swimming nearby.



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