Top 10 Best Sushi in Maui

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1. Morimoto Maui

Morimoto is one of Maui’s best sushi houses for a plethora of reasons, but most notably because their sushi is unbeatable in terms of freshness. The taste, quality and presentation of the dishes has an undeniably island feel that makes it unlike any other place serving seafood. 

A few examples include the famous Soft Shell Crab Roll, which includes deep-fried crab meat, asparagus, avocado and tobiko all topped with scallions; or a delicious  oh-toro sashimi – the greatest cut of fatty tuna that will instantly melt  in your mouth.

Another great quality of this restaurant is its location. Intimate and next by the water, you can enjoy stunning views and the breeze of the ocean while indulging in your meal. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date night spot or a fun place to go with friends, this restaurant is perfect. And not to mention, it’s sure to provide some great content for your Instagram feed!


2. Koiso Sushi Bar

Many locals and tourists alike have named it the best sushi restaurant in town due to its delicious and inventive sushi rolls. Although it is a little difficult to find, being hidden in a strip shopping center, Koiso Sushi Bar won’t disappoint you when it comes to sushi. 

The exciting part? They don’t follow a standard menu. Koiso offers an omakase experience where the chef creates their menu based on what they are feeling that day. This allows them to be creative and change up the menu often so you always have something new to try! You must have their sushi if you’re seeking something unique than the average sushi. Those who want their meals to be accompanied by drinks will enjoy the wide variety of sake.


3. Miso Phat Sushi Bar

Miso Phat Sushi Bar, located in Kihei’s Azeka Shopping Center, is a great place to go when you want sushi fast. The menu focuses on traditional rolls with fresh fish and mouth-watering sauces. Be sure to try the TNT Roll and Miso Phat Roll – they’re customer favorites! And if you’re short on time, don’t worry – this casual restaurant offers take-out so you can grab your food and go enjoy the rest of your trip. If you ever have time to relax  and chill, be sure to take advantage of their full bar and happy hour deals.


4. Sansei Seafood & Sushi Bar

Sansei Seafood & Sushi Bar at the Ritz-Carlton is one of those amazing places you find out about from friends and acquaintances. Maui locals will also tell you, this is THE spot for sushi. On the menu, there’s an impressive variety of fresh seafood like lobster, tuna, salmon and crab as well as vegan friendly dishes like avocado rolls and tofu. 

Aside from the standard menu, you can also try their unique dishes like Chili-Porcini Mushroom Tenderloin Steaks, Ginger Hoisin Duck Breast, or Grilled Hawaiian Ahi & Shrimp Cakes if you’re looking for something new.  And when you need a pair from all that seafood (we know it can be tough sometimes), be sure to try their signature martinis or cocktails! So take a step to Sansei and have an excellent sushi experience.


5. Lahaina Sushi KO

If you get a sushi craving while you’re in Lahaina Town, don’t worry, Sushi KO has got you covered. This restaurant is located right on Front Street and there’s something for everyone. If you are a sushi lover, you can choose from their impressive choices of delicious sushi rolls. But if you also crave other dishes aside from sushi, don’t worry they have dishes like poke, bento boxes and tempura. Whether you’re looking for a late lunch or dinner option, Sushi KO is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. 

This restaurant shines among the others because of their specialty rolls, like the Lahaina Roll (spicy tuna served with cream cheese and cucumber, topped with crab, spicy mayo and eel sauce) or the Hawaiian Roll (Yellowtail, avocado and asparagus, topped with tuna and spicy Jalapeño sauce). The sushi is brought in every day so it’s nice and fresh. Another thing this place does that is impressive is they make sure that you can eat the perfect sushi and not just your typical sushi rolls.


6. Nuka

Nuka is the perfect choice if you’re in search of a sushi restaurant that has both excellent food and a serene atmosphere. The restaurant may be small but it gives a cozy vibe. With its wooden accents and warm tones that give it a traditional yet modern flair, you will immediately be relaxed. Nuka offers an extensive menu of sushi rolls, sashimi, appetizers, and entrees. The dishes are creative and fresh, making this spot a local favorite. Although you may have to wait for a table, it will definitely be worth your while once you taste their sushi.


7. Isana

Maui has some of the freshest seafood available, and Isana is one of the best places to enjoy it. This relaxed restaurant offers affordable, delicious sushi rolls and other treats with a stunning view of the sunset. If you’re looking for a great meal close to the beach, then Isana should definitely be at the top of your list- they’ve also been ranked consistently as one of Maui’s top sushi restaurants. 

Be ready to get lost in their world of sushi culinary delights. One of the top favorites is the succulent Red Dragon Roll which comes with tempura shrimp, avocado, and cucumber and topped with unagi sauce and a spicy tuna mix. For something a little different , order the Caterpillar Roll: It has all the flavors which is delicious unagi and cucumber topped with avocado, unagi sauce and sesame seeds . And for complete bliss, ask for a seat near the ocean-side window to catch those awe-inspiring sunsets .


8. Sushi Paradise

Is there anything more refreshing and delicious than sushi? At Sushi Paradise, they have a wide variety of sushi dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. From classic menu items such as rolls, temaki and sashimi to specialty rolls and other small bites, they have something for everyone. Sushi Paradise is the place to go whether you’re looking for a satisfying quick lunch or want to enjoy a delicious and excellent omakase at the sushi bar.

We know it’s hard to decide when there are so many delicious options, but their sushi rolls come highly recommended. For a unique twist on a classic, try the Rainbow Roll: it’s a California roll topped with tuna, salmon, hamachi, shrimp and unagi. If you’re what we like to call a “Sushi Connoisseur,” then go for one of our more traditional rolls like the Salmon Avocado or Negi Toro (blue fin tuna) Rolls- either way you won’t be disappointed.


9. M Sushi

M Sushi is a great, reasonably priced place to go in Wailuku if you’re looking for some good sushi. You can easily spot them at Pu’uone Plaza. They have all of the classics that you know and love, such as California Rolls and Spicy Salmon Rolls, but they also offer some more unique options like their signature Marilyn Mon Roll. No matter what you choose off the menu, you’re sure to leave M Sushi feeling satisfied!


10. Japengo

If you’re looking for a breathtaking setting to celebrate special occasions or enjoy an intimate dinner, look no further than Japengo at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort. With unrivaled views of the Pacific Ocean and sunsets from white sands on Ka’anapali beach, not to mention traditional Asian cuisine with modern twists, this is truly a dining experience like no other. The restaurant also features an extensive sushi menu at their Sushi Lounge- perfect for enjoying while taking in Maui’s natural beauty.





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