Top 10 Best Korean BBQ in Honolulu

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1. Sura Hawaii

Sura seeks to provide customers with an authentic Korean BBQ experience that would make both locals and tourists happy. You can feel the aloha spirit within the restaurant. The warm smiles of their staff will remind you what it feels like to be loved, and the hearty conversation over succulent meats cooking on your table’s grill will stay with you long after you’ve left their restaurant.

We love this place for its great location and punk-themed Korean BBQ restaurant. Sura is situated perfectly across from the picturesque Hawaii Convention Center and there’s always something going on in Oahu. When we visited, it took us a bit to get used to the new Sura Hawaii from the 678 Hawaii, but once we found our bearings, we had an amazing time at the steam-punked All You Can Eat Korean BBQ restaurant. Remember to clean your plate and book a table in advance! The clean-up fee is quite high, so make sure you have an appetite when you come in.


2. Yummy Korean B-B-Q

If you’re looking for a Korean restaurant that won’t break the bank, Yummy Korean BBQ is a great option. The restaurant may not look as flashy as at other Korean restaurants, but it more than makes up for it in taste. You’ll definitely enjoy the main dishes and sides on offer!

Though it might not look like much from the outside, Yummy restaurant serves huge servings of delicious food to please your every craving. The restaurant can get fairly busy during lunch and dinner time, so be ready to wait for a table if you come during those hours. If you would rather not spend time waiting, avoid coming around noon when most people are on their lunch break.


3. Gen Korean BBQ House

At Gen Korean BBQ House, they don’t just give their guests any old experience–they focus on giving them a luxurious one while still keeping the traditional aspects of Korean BBQ communal eating. I promise you’ll love both their menu and service.

For those of you who have a hard time picking a dish, Gen’s is the perfect restaurant because they offer plenty of options that will all tantalize your taste buds. All of their food is seasoned perfectly and made with fresh meats- making it impossible to leave unsatisfied.

It can get quite warm in here, so come dressed appropriately. And if you come after 6 pm, be patient as it can be overwhelming and slow but rest assured that the service is always courteous.


4. Mikawon & Vons Chicken

Mikawon is an underrated restaurant that deserves more attention than it gets. A must-try dish is the kalbi, which has been marinated in soy sauce. It tastes familiar and authentic at the same time, and will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Mikawon is the place to go for excellent, authentic Korean cuisine. They have all of the classics like bulgogi and BBQ chicken that are cooked perfectly every time. And if you’re a vegetarian- don’t fret, there are plenty of delicious vegetarian options as well. Plus, after your meal you can take a selfie with the Don Ho Statue. So what are you waiting for? Go experience original Korean foods at Mikawon today!


5. Gina’s BBQ

Gina’s BBQ takes great pride in their heritage by providing an authentic experience with every delicious dish, making it impossible not to enjoy your meal here! As a result, they have a solid customer base now. This family-owned restaurant has become one of Oahu’s best local Korean BBQ spots not only because of their food but also for their atmosphere. Its warm environment makes all customers feel welcome. 

When you take one look at the colors of their meats, you’ll know that they’re serious about what they do. Gina’s Korean BBQ is no joke when it comes to their authentic dishes.Their kalbi is one of the best- you’ll regret it if you don’t try it. Overall, this spot is perfect for quality time with your loved ones over a shared BBQ or meal.


6. O’Kims Korean Kitchen

O’Kims Korean Kitchen is one of the best spots to go if you’re craving some authentic Korean cuisine. Their bibimbap is especially good, with fresh ingredients and spicy chicken that has just the right amount of heat. And their fried dishes are simply out of this world – each bite is packed full of flavor and texture. On top of that, the restaurant itself is cozy and inviting, making it the perfect spot for a Friday night out with friends or family.

O’Kims is located in the bustling Chinatown, you’ll never be bored while eating your meal here. The restaurant only has limited seating,  so O’Kims helps customers learn patience while waiting for their food. Additionally, the crispy-edged pork belly dish is unrivaled and a must-try when you visit!


7. Topped Waikiki

If you’re bored of your usual Korean BBQ places, try Topped Waikiki. With dishes ranging from spicy braised pork to organic tofu, this restaurant provides something for everyone – whether you prefer classic or modern cuisine. And with the outside setting, the experience will be even more refreshing. 

A delectable Korean meal with an amazing view, Topped Waikiki sure a great spot. With its Waikiki beachfront location and simple menu, it’s perfect for a casual lunch or dinner. Just be aware that your food won’t be cooked at your table – but it’s still worth it for the price and view!


8. Choi’s Garden

Choi’s Garden is the perfect place for a delicious, healthy Korean meal. The food is always cooked to perfection and there’s more than enough to go around. Plus, the restaurant is well-lit and sparkling clean – perfect for anyone who’s a bit of a neat freak.

At Choi’s Garden, you’re guaranteed a delicious and authentic meal. With extensive menu options ranging from traditional Korean BBQ to modern fusion dishes, there’s something for everyone here. Plus, their mahogany color scheme is not only comfortable but will also give you the full Korean dining experience.


9. New Shilawon Korean Restaurant

New Shilawon Korean Restaurant is a family owned restaurant in Honolulu. Dining here will be worthwhile once you taste their dishes.The marvelously marbled meat cuts and entrancing searing will take your senses to new heights, quite literally transporting you to the meat paradise; not for cholesterol-fueled pleasure.

At New Shilawon, they love to see their guests enjoy a delicious meal cooked right at their table on their in-table grills. And when they’re finished, there’s always Ala Moana Regional Park nearby for a lovely walk or some retail therapy at Walmart just a short distance away.


10. So Gong Dong Soondubu

So Gong Dong Soondubu is an excellent place for anyone who enjoys traditional sundubu-jjigae. Not only does their classic Korean food cost a reasonable price, but their much-talked about tofu soups definitely surpass expectations.

The grilled meats are amazing and definitely worth trying, even though it’s not their specialty. The dinner crowd is always bustling, so if you’re really hungry, be sure to come early or risk waiting a while for your food. Also, the chicken BBQ is an excellent value – definitely one of the best Korean spots around!




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