Top 9 Best Restaurants In NorthShore of Oahu

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1. Sprout Sandwich Shop (A, 66-526 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI)

This sandwich shop is next level amazing. The sandwiches are made with fresh, healthy ingredients that make each sandwich taste unique– I haven’t had a better tasting sandwich anywhere in my lifetime! Not to mention, the menu has a great variety of Floater & Sproutwich sandwiches for those who want something savory or sweet, hearty or light– there’s definitely something for everyone!


2. Haleiwa Bowls (66-082 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI)

@haliewabowls is my favorite account on Instagram, and for good reason. Their posts will make you want to visit Hawaii and eat acai bowls every day. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that their acai bowls are the best tasting ones I’ve ever had in my life! My friends and I went on a trip there last summer, and we bought one from Haliewa Bowls every single day. They’re truly mouth-watering works of art. Haleiwa Bowls has the perfect proportion of ingredients for an acai bowl, and what’s better than eating one of these bowls while relaxing on the beach? Nothing, I tell you. My favorite menu items are: Blend Bowl with regular toppings and added raspberries and chia.


3. The Beet Box Cafe (66-437 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI)

By the end of most vacations, I’m ready to return home and detox from all the unhealthy eating. If you’re like me and health-conscious, then you’ll be happy to know that The Beet Box Cafe is one of the best places for healthy food on the North Shore. Not only is it delicious and organic, but there’s also a menu option for everyone! This restaurant offers a wide variety of healthier options that will satisfy your taste buds, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or enjoy meat. Some menu favorites include the Burrito Babe, Beet Box Salad, and “Hello” Burger.


4. Island Vintage Coffee Company (66-111 Kamehameha Hwy #503, Haleiwa, HI)

This coffee shop on the corner of Haleiwa Store Lots is a hidden gem. Brooke and I walked by it multiple times before we realized that it served more than just drinks. Upon entering, we were in awe at the vast array of food items this store had to offer. The everything bagel sandwich, piled high with smoked salmon, capers, spinach, sprouts and dill green onion cream cheese was one of the best lox bagels I’ve ever eaten. And up on the North Shore, we found a delectable local Coconut Peanut Butter Spread that delighted us just as much. And it gets even better–there’s a sandwich on the menu that includes it! The Hot Panini has mango/papaya, honey, walnut-cranberry bread, and coconut peanut butter. Seriously, just try to picture how delicious that would taste. Other favorite menu items at this restaurant include the Lox of Bagel and Fresh Mango with Peanut Butter.


5. Kono’s Restaurant (66-250 Kamehameha Hwy g110, Haleiwa, HI)

Kono’s has good vibes written all over it. It’s the perfect place to go to if you’re looking for a chill, relaxed atmosphere with some yummy food options. The employees are super helpful and friendly, which is always a bonus. If you’re ever feeling indecisive about what you want to eat, they’ll be more than happy to assist you in choosing something delicious. And Maui Onion chips come on the side of every dish- how amazing is that?! My favorite menu items: Avocado Veggie Wrap.


6. Wailua Bakery (66-200 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI)

Do you like baked goods? Would you love to be able to get them on the beach? If so, this is the place for you. I genuinely wanted to try something new every day that I was there because everything is homemade in-shop. From sweet treats to sandwiches, they have a menu item for everyone. One of my favorite things about this bakery (besides the food) was the atmosphere– it’s bright and colorful which makes for a happy visit any day of week! Pssst.. My favorite menu items are: The Beach Comber cookie sandwich with homemade vanilla ice cream in between or Coconut Dream cookies.


7. Matsumoto Shave Ice (66-087 Kamehameha Hwy #605, Haleiwa, HI)

I’m not an expert on the history of Oahu’s North Shore, but I imagine Matsumoto’s had a hand in shaping this town. This shaved ice is world-famous, and for good reason. Matsumoto Shave Ice shop is the talk of the town, with a line out the door every day. All other shops have tried to emulate its success, but none have been able to match it. A bowl of refreshing, melt-in-your mouth shaved ice is just a plane ticket away! And if you’re looking for something unique, they have lilikoi (passion fruit) flavor which not many places offer.


8. Kahuku Farms (56-800 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI)

Want to experience a Farm to Table cuisine? Then go straight to Kahuku Farms. They became the standard when it comes to farm-fresh food. Given that all of their ingredients are grown on site and picked fresh daily, you can smell the freshness as soon as you walk in. When you step into this cafe, you feel an immense sense of gratitude for the farmers who dedicated their time and energy to creating wholesome meals. This restaurant is the perfect embodiment of an outdoor cafe, and one of the top favorites because of its healthy food options. Grilled Veggie Panini sandwich and Farm Pizza are two menu items that are highly recommended. So what are you waiting for? Dine in and show your appreciation to hard-working farmers.


9. Dole Plantation (64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa, HI)

Mmmm, the Dole Whip is a must-have while on your tour of the pineapple plantation! Delight in this sweet and tart refresher while you learn how long it takes to grow one of these beautiful fruits. Our favorite menu item: The Dole Whip in a waffle cone, of course!





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